An Alexa Skill that allows voice control of your Roku

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This project provides an Alexa skill to control a local Roku device with voice commands using Roku External Controls. See the the blog post below for original content/commands

Added commands: Lauch Plex, Pandora, Hulu, Amazon Video, Home



For detailed instructions, check out the blog post on

  1. Start the Roku control server by running “npm install” and “node server.js” in the RokuControlServer folder
  2. Make this server accessible to the outside world using port forwarding on your router being sure to include the proper port (default: 1234)
  3. Configure Alexa as an event source under the event source tab in the AWS Lambda Function panel. (AWS Lambda Dashboard) - Skip code upload for now
  4. Configure a Alexa Skill using the contents of the RokuSkill folder, the ARN of your above Lambda Function, and the Alexa Skills Dashboard.
  5. Zip the .js files in RokuLamba up and upload them as a new AWS Lambda Function using the AWS Lambda Dashboard



Please feel encouraged to submit pull requests!


This project is released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.